Proposals of the Workshop in Bangalore, India – July 2011


Page1, Paragraph 2

It is imperative that citizens, the man and the woman, and the people of all genders who… (Megan McRobert)



We the people of Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania, proclaim, for our entire planet and for the men and women all peoples (Megan McRobert)

We the peoples of Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania, World

That the poverty of some is the poverty of all, poverty richness

That the humiliation of some is the humiliation of all, humiliation happiness

That the fear of some is the fear of all fear confidence

That the slavery of some is the slavery of all, slavery freedom

(comments: change the words to express more positive concepts)



Every woman and every man People of all genders OR Every person (Megan McRobert)


Every woman and every man to be equal in rights, sexuality, class, ability, religion, gender, identity

For every woman and every man for people of all genders (Megan McRobert)


Every woman and every man to be equal in rights, without distinction as to race, color, gender, background, or nationality, sex orientation, identity. (Mentioned a lot)


“Non-gender humans probably deserve some rights.” “Sexual Preferences not mentioned as potential form of discrimination.”



Every woman and man to have free access to information,

Every woman and man to express themselves artistically

Instead of Fight for Our Right” say “Embrace Our Right &That of Others”

Every woman and man to be respected, accepted and allowed to grow as individuals with ideology and thoughts of their own.)


Page 7

Regardless of … +within normal grounds


The last paragraph:

For every woman and every man People of all genders to have the inalienable right to move anywhere in the world without distinction as to nationality, but with respect for autonomous and distinct cultures. (Megan McRobert)


“ For every woman and every man to have the inalienable right to move anywhere in the world without distinction as to nationality”

—For every person have the right to express their culture and nationality without discrimination or judgment. (Devon Walsh)


Every woman and every man to access the wealth and resources of our planet, human being /person ( Aylee Nielsen)



Paragraph 1

For every woman and every man all genders to have livelihood in keeping with his or her qualifications. Anywhere in the world, regardless of their place of birth (Megan McRobert)


For every woman and every man to have jobs …+with no pinch of hierarchy based on income.

“All do well, no with acceptance by realizations that they will not get there undergo the people around them do that it is do.” ( Aishwarya Krishnan)


Dignity in labor how is this possible given current conditions of capitalism & globalization?

Add sentence: To challenge the structural inequities of the existing economic system and build alternatives to work towards dignity labor for all people. (Megan McRobert)



“The peoples, joined together, must govern the world.” We peoples, joined together, must ourselves.


Perhaps the goals of a sustainable, all-inclusive world are ultimately utopian and therefore unattainable, but they should nonetheless be constructed in the scope of reality if they should ever be reasonably sought after at all. Consider eliminating points that hail to consider that same people do bad things that how they could abuse this system. 




Page 2

The references to Earth must be straightened and elaborated –limits of resources must be recognized. An alternative vision of living in close relationship with the earth in a particular place, in a particular way, must be emphasized. A radical now ( for the demanded sources) way or sources who currently manifest a more balance relationship with Earth must be involved in a starting this relationship and its implications.


We don’t just live on the Earth as separate individuals –we have emerged out of the Earth as expressions of its fullness and diversity. Each person, animal, plant, rock and river is an expression of this fullness and diversity. Efforts of governments, corporations, religions, or NGOs that seek to impose monolithic structures or “solutions” on the Earth are acting counter to the nature of Earth and should be avoided and reversed.

(Dan Young)



Why say no? The repetition of words that generate negativity only creates retaliation, ignorance and rebellion to something that actually hopes to create positive action. The world must put into strength and support behind positive methods of actions, simpler example: notified to running around clapping NO PLASTIC banners and bano all over, maybe we only say ‘Love Cloth Bags.’ Race and knowledge and is no longer the concern, it is lack and positive reinforcement. ( Aishwarya Krishnan)



Whereas the past is forgotten and the original of all the issues not mentioned, the people of then for- given for the mongo done to various societies around the world, simply also the world is constantly setting and to achieve the global citizenship and ultimately peace. ( Aishwarya Krishnan)


Page 5

We live by need not by want. Don’t let technology rule our lives. Live simply.

Embrace differences rather than tolerate them.


Samantha – I want to add to is on page five, before the line
concerning the earth as our mother.
I would like to add:
-That we live as no rulers of the trees, of the waters, of the land.
- That we live by need and not by want
- That we as a people not only accept our differences, we embrace these
differences whole-heartedly.


Page 6

ADD: We affirm that we shall work and shall fight ceaselessly of every woman, and every man to be in equal rights without distinction as to race, color, gender, background or nationality, but also religious and sexual orientation as they are prevalent in our modern society.




“Every woman and every man to be able to access and education system worthy of its name for all their children”

Access to education systems are a worthy goal. But if we truly desire to respect the mosaic people of the earth; then we must address the reality that in many regards education systems fail to adequately represent the contributions and histories of all cultures equally. We must not be afraid to rewrite history. Generally speaking, history is frame through the tales of the victor. Education systems are intended highlight the past, brighten the present and generate the future knowledge. If access to education that are built upon biases, partial truths and /or exclusions then we will find that history will repeat itself. We must build the minds of children in such a way that the information in education systems is rigorously inclusive, honest and equitable. (Jasmine Simon)




“For all human, energy…”

The eradication of poverty can only come through the change of the global system, where the elite is willing to give up unearned and inherited privileges.


The poverty of some is made possible though a system of privilege and oppression, where a small few benefit at the expense of billions. (Megan McRobert)


Reaction from Jodeily Antigua

In order for everyone to have and share equality together, not in the sense of having the same but sharing access and availability to basic necessities and freedoms of speech without being tortured or ostracized for these belief. Rather than to attack or tolerate our differences we need to embrace and celebrate they. Moreover, we all need to work together and take RESPONSIBILITY in our action to make our lives better, other peoples, our environment and basically humanity on the planet. We need to be more aware as mentioned in our pg that our actions affect not only our lives, but our societies, humanity the people in the world, and mother Naltice. We need to think not only of ourselves but all.

Relativity must be eradicated, companions and nations of the same only what a sense and satisfactions in society. We look at and want/yearn for who also me, happily life o f not become of what the people around we have but also as an individual and his specific individuality. Application by love by light must be thrown on everyone, no matter what they do(it must be accepted too) and what they have or may not have.


For every woman, man and child to have the basic human right to Non-discrimination based on caste, class, age or religion.

“We must remain a resource for the earth as much as the earth is a resource for us.”

(Sarah Fuhrman)

In the first draft of the charter on page number 7, a clause states that people shall work & fight ceaselessly towards every woman & man having inalienable right to move anywhere in the world without distinction as to nationality.

I feel this clause is not very realistic for if it was the right of every individual to move according to his or her whims & fancy society would be thrown into chaos & it would become extremely difficult to distribute opportunities & resources equally. (Carol D’Souza)

SUGGESTION- A sub-clause could be added saying that one can move if reasons for doing so are justified & if he or she can be accommodated with relative ease & on conditions that he or she will contribute to the betterment of the society he or she is moving into. (Carol D’Souza)


That we as citizens, concerned with advocacy and equality will work towards creating a more universal sake- space for all, one in which the voiceless many speak the helpless may act.(Andy Archer)



“The time has come to open the avenues of humankind Emancipated.”


Human differences are inevitable instead of blurring the lines; we should celebrate the avenues of humankind. All should be educated in the subject of distinction. Take pride in your own culture as well as your knowledge of others cultures. Appreciating difference is the key to the future progress of humankind, and the corner stone of joining together. ( Aylee Nielsen p,q)


“Charter of the Peoples of the Earth” Charter of the Earth and its People (Dan Young)


We acknowledged that internal peace is a necessary condition for external peace. So we acknowledge our responsibility to transform our own matures into those that will allow us peace to flourish in all part of the world.( Jay Reidy)


In the spirit of Indiana Shiva, it can be said that previous have largely been fought in pursuit of commodities and with moral notification. However, future conflicts in the next century have every real possibility for being water, breathable air, and food. However, we are still able to prevent much of this from happening; there is still time to work together for one globe community, versus working against each other in the future. This is a valuable component of this document. (Lindsey Qtencio)



To advocate on behalf of our global neighbor who are victims of oppression.

To work towards a common goal of eradicating oppression for all /any marginalized peoples.

To work towards academic, social, intellectual and artistic enrichment for all. (Andy Archer)


Also write the Charter in Spanish!

Peoples of the Earth, too long have we been divided.


Education is the solutions to all socio-economic and environmental problems. It saves such as health, equality and ultimately sustainable development. But education for the sake of education can only sow seeds of partially informed evil. But education with purposes, education with meaning, understanding and with unbiased views of history and the society as it is will give birth to individuals with lack of ideas of discrimination, social stigma and so on. Individuals born pure and not out of resentment of the poor. Individuals who may rid this planet of most of its burden. . ( Aishwarya Krishnan)


On page 9 it says ‘peoples joined together must govern the world!’. Here as I see it,’ ….must govern the world’, gives out a very negative vibe & not explicitly explaining what governing the world actually includes, leaves a lot scope for misinterpretation.


SUGGESTION- The statement could qualified by adding ‘ The peoples, joined together, must govern the world in way beneficial to all & not detrimental to Mother Earth.’

-Carol D’Souza

Comments on the Charter:

In all matters concerning the health and well-being of out Earth and all its living inhabitants, it is essential to find holistic approaches that acknowledge the interconnectedness of all life. From our natural resources like our precious waters, soil, seeds, oil, including the air we breathe, it is all shared. Therefore our World is in need of solutions that serve all rather than a select few. This kind of shift starts within ourselves, to honor and respect each other and all our relations, as well as to reciprocate our love for Mother Earth as she provides for and sustains Life for all. As peoples of the Earth we must work together, supporting and reaching for the same goals; for World Peace through taking sustainable actions, and healing all our relations through ending the illusion of separateness and illuminating the ultimate Truth of Unity.”

-Lindsay Weidner (aka- Isla Paz)

Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A.



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